The Chehalis Theatre

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About Us

The two story building that houses the Chehalis Theatre was originally called the Beau Arts Building, Constructed in 1923, the building was purchased by Arthur St John in order to house his Ford Auto Dealership, and the name was subsequently changed to St. John Garage.

The Building was eventually reconfigured and reopened at The Pix Theater in 1936 with seating capacity of 653 patrons.

Substantial damage was done to the building in the 1949 earthquake, but seismic forces were not enough to stop the theater. As they say in business, “The Show Must Go On”. At that time there were two theaters on Market Boulevard, as the St Helens Theater, which opened in 1924, operated on the south end of the street.

In 1954 though, the St Helens Theater closed and left the Pix as the only show in town. The Pix renamed the Chehalis Theater that same year.

Movies continued to roll at the Chehalis Theater until it was converted into a Video Time rental store in 1988. It was during this period that the neo-nostalgic cartoon characters were painted on the theater ceiling. A false floor was also installed in the theater in order to level out the incline for displaying racks of videos.

The building was then purchased by Daryl Lund in 1994. The false floor was removed and was reopened as a theater. Theater operations continued off and on until the final showing in December 2008.

The Theatre was purchased by Ralph Hubbert in May of 2016 and reopened as The Historic Chehalis Theater after a few renovations in October 2016.